September 19, 2020

HEALTH TIPS: How To Make Woman happy On Bed

steps on how to make your woman happy on bed

  • 1.During love making Spread her legs wide! You can place them on your shoulders. This will expose her pussy more and give you more surface area to work with. Use your thumb to expose her clitoris by gently pulling the skin at the top of her pussy upwards.
  • 2. Focus on her clitoris! She ejaculates from there. Lick, suck & nibble on it, GENTLY! Keep spreading open her pussy so that you can view her clit a lot better & give it all of your attention. The hornier she gets, the more it’ll get hard and protrude.
  • 3. Tease her! Kiss on her inner thighs, take a pause and lick on her clit and blow on it, talk dirty to her, play with her boobs, grip her ass in your hands, basically, do whatever you can to get her aroused.
  • 4. Make her comfortable! A lot of women haven’t cum before or had their pussy licked plus female hygiene is a sensitive topic so she’s bound to overthink which can result in her not cumming. Tell her she tastes good and how much you want to make her cum to put her mind at ease.
  • 5. Be patient! It sometimes takes a while for women to get into the zone because cumming requires us to be there mentally. Think about making her cum not just yourself. The extra time you put in shall result in the hottest, wettest and nastiest sex ever
  • 6. Finger her whilst you’re giving her clitoris the love it deserves! Insert your finger in a downward direction not upwards to avoid hurting her and making the feeling unpleasant. Stick it in deep and wiggle the tip of your finger inside her pussy. Multitasking is key!
  • 7. Kiss her other lips! Her labia – the entrance to her pussy – those flaps? Yeah. Suck on them, pull on them gently, glide your tongue in between them all the way up to her clitoris and back. Dip your tongue inside her pussy, tongue fuck her and slurp up on it.
  • 8. Pay attention to her body language! When you lick on her, take note of what makes her moan and legs vibrate. Whatever gets her blood rushing is what you should do more of because that’s the type of enjoyment that’ll kill her and have her right in the palm of your hand.
  • 9. Pussy tastes like pussy! The same way dick tastes like dick NOT like fruits or candy. It’s an acquired taste so there’s no need to act awkward about it. Provided she keeps it clean and kempt, you won’t die from licking up on her and satisfying her.
  • 10. Keep going! No matter how much she squirms, tries to pull back, her legs are shaking and she’s fighting the feeling. DON’T STOP PLAYING WITH YOUR TONGUE ON HER CLIT! The opening of her pussy will pulsate when she’s about to cum – it ain’t over til she oozes out of her clit.
  • 11. Switch positions! You aren’t restricted to eating her pussy from ONE specific angle. Explore all sorts options from having her sit on your face, eating it from the back (doggy style position), whilst she’s seated on a counter or the edge of the bed. Make it interesting!
  • 12. Do it more often! Eating pussy is a skill. It requires one’s interest in order for it to be mastered and effective. Some girls yawn when being eaten out because it isn’t being done right. Redeem everyone who failed her show! Show her you been practicing and snatch her soul.

Pro-Tip: stick a thumb up her butthole when she’s about to climax! This will intensify her eruption. Make sure that it’s in the heat of the moment to avoid it catching her off guard or making it awkward. It’s hot when done at the right time. THANKS

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