September 20, 2020

HEALTH TIPS: How To Prevent Vagina Infections


  • 1)👉 Always expose Your Private part to atmosphere at night.
  • 2)👉 Always change your undies at least twice in a day but for those who are treating vagina infections like Trachomonas vaginitis, Heavy vagina discharge, Gonorrhea, Syphilis should ensure they are changing it thrice in a day with compression with Iron or spread in hot sun.
  • 3)👉Always take enough Fruits..they enrich in vitamin and mineral to boost your immune system in order to help u fight body infection.
  • 4)👉Always Wash your vagina with ordinary H20. Alum or dettol can cause vagina cancer or reduce acid in your vagina which can trigger infection to occur
  • 5)👉 Always Ensure that you make love at least twice in a week
  • 6)👉 Always reduce amount of antibiotics u do take when u are treating infection.
  • 7)👉Always wipe from front to back while u are making Bowel movement (shit) back to front can introduced Bacteria or fungi or parasite, even virus into your vagina e.g Wart from Anus to vagina.
  • 8)👉 Ensure your use condom if u are not sure of your sexual partner behaviours.
  • 9)👉Always take adequate water to flush out unwanted accumulated substance from your system.
  • 10)👉Always ensure you iron your undies before wearing them.
  • 11)👉Always use purified water to wash off or rinsing your vagina to avoid being introduced pathogenic organisms into your vagina.
  • 12)👉Always avoid Vagina finger during Sexual intercourse, It doesn’t provide any healthy stuffs but infection due to presence of pathogenic organisms like parasite and fungi that hide under nail.
  • 13)👉Always shave your pubis hair to avoid being inlet of hair into your vagina to form pus.

Girls should take note of all this :-

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