[Health Tips] See Why You Need To Masturbate Often (The Health Benefits For Men & Women)

I don’t know why society made masturbation look bad. Right from time people always found ways of making others feel guilty just to gain control over their minds. It’s sad that not everyone with eyes can see reality.

A lady masturbating..

A man masturbating..

Masturbation to me, is not a sin but an habit. Same way smoking is not a sin but a habit. Just that excess of it is bad. In fact, too much of everything in life, is bad.

There is no explicit claim in the Bible that masturbation is sinful. Don’t be surprise, some of your religious leaders masturbate.🤷

Lately, I heard that Muslims masturbate the most. But that will be a topic for another day.🙄

Benefits Of Masturbation: 👇

Masturbation helps you sleep better.

Masturbation helps you feel relaxed.

Masturbation won’t infect you with STD.

With masturbation, you won’t be counting preeq and pu*sy census.

Masturbation helps you stay faithful to your partner when they’re away.

Masturbation is healthy, it prevent one from fucking the wrong person.

Masturbation is underrated

Masturbate today and be happy.

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