[Lyrics] Favour basil – Appreciation

[Lyrics] Favour basil – Appreciation

Today is a special day for you to celebrate again.
Oh a very very special one for you to celebrate again.
You just stepped into a higher ground of glory,
You stepped into a higher ground of hope.
I can hear it when they say ‘your face is glowing’
I hear it when they say God’s hand’s on you.
I can testify as well you’re God’s own beloved Favour Basil…

Happy birthday to you.
Prosperous years ahead…
A brighter future in view.
You’re doing great just as God said….(2x)

By this time some years ago
A child was born into this very world to win.
Here she grew into a good young girl to serve the lord,
On christ alone she lean.
Lord I thank you for the privilege you gave her to stay and see another stage of life oooooooh
Favour, I’m very sure that God Almighty is with you on every side.( Happy birthday to you…..)

God has added another year to make you greater than u have been all along.
God has opened another door
If you look up,
You’ll discover He takes the lead.
You’ll keep overcoming each challenge you face now because it prepares you for greater stage
You’ve got divine connections in hands you wonder why
Do not God’s involved in your new age.
God is raising you to reign above your equals so celebrate..!
( Happy birthday to you…)


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