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The song, “The Igbos,” expresses the struggles faced by the average Igbo man throughout history.

It celebrates their unwavering strength, resolve, and determination to succeed on their own terms, without handouts. It highlights their ability to see opportunities where others see nothing, pushing their limits and venturing into challenging areas to make ends meet.

These are the qualities, according to Tmajor selfawareness,

a song produced by Treasure d producer mixed and mastered by Boss Mixingz,

that set Igbo men apart, as captured in the repeated hook at the end of verses two: “In making money, we invade territories, impregnating spaces, spreading our seeds, giving birth to riches.”

The song acknowledges the general perception from other tribes that Igbos prioritize wealth. However, it goes beyond that stereotype, emphasizing the reality of being Igbo. It conveys the understanding that for Igbos, responsibility is personal and not something to be delegated, leading them to work harder than others.

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