[News] ‘Dog hoarder’ arrested after 55 malnourished dogs were found in home and 5 dead puppies found in her freezer

A suspected dog herder has been arrested again and faces 77 charges of animal abuse after 55 dogs were found malnourished in her home along with five dead puppies.


April McLaughlin, also known as Sydney Taylor McKinley or April Addison, was arrested on additional charges following a long investigation by law enforcement. She was originally arrested in September when 55 dogs were seized from her home.


Many of the dogs that were taken had to be euthanised as they were in such poor health according to law enforcement.

Five dead puppies were found in the 48-year-old’s freezer. The 77 charges are made up of animal abuse, neglect and abandonment. She also faces the possibility of nine felony charges of cruelty to animals.

In 2018, McLaughlin, of Arizona, found fame online when she adopted a dog named Clyde. She shared images of the husky to Instagram then started to reach out to dog rescues offering to take on their dogs with disabilities. She used several social media accounts to make it look like she did not have that many dogs when the reality was she was adopting many more.

It is reported that she had over 70 dogs at one point, many of which required specialist care due to their disabilities, which authorities say McLaughlin was not providing.

Instead of caring for the dogs she took in, it is alleged she took the money donated for th dogs for herself and the dogs were left abused and neglected.


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