[News] “They put me through so much and I’m only 21” Angel opens up about always being on the move to escape her ‘toxic’ family

Big Brother Naija housemate, Angel, poured out her heart to Queen on the show.


Angel opened up about all she’s been through and how it prompted her to go for the reality show.


The 21-year-old said she was always on the move, going from one place to the other, to be away from her “toxic” family.


She said her family provided the material things but didn’t provide the things that really mattered.


She told Queen: “I was just always on the move. That was hard. I couldn’t properly explain to people that oh, this was the situation at home, that I’m moving away from my toxic family.


“I’m coming here because I want to… it’s not me saying that when I’m out of here I’m going to neglect them but there’s a boundary that I want to put.


“Because they put me through so much and I’m only 21. And I mean, they provided money but, like, but I’m smart enough to know that money is the least of a child’s problem. I mean it’s important, but there’s so much more you have to invest; emotionally, mentally. Those two things they did not give me.


“Monetary, OK, fair enough. They fed me, fair enough. Clothed me. I went to the best of schools, ate the best food, but the key important things, not so much.


“That’s why I keep trying to move away from that. I mean, when I’m out of here, definitely, I’m going to take care of my family.”


She went on to say that she believes her mother thought she was doing her best.


She said: “She tried in the way she thought she… she thought she was trying her best and I appreciate her for that.”


She added that her mother was the one who encouraged her to go for the Big Brother Naija show.


She continued; “Yea, definitely, I still talk to them [her family]. It’s just like, the gap that I want to constantly keep because I have realized that my relationship with them is better off when we’re just miles apart.


“I’m just looking for stability and to be away from all the toxic sh*t that I went through on my own.


“I went through rape on my own, sexual assault, physical abuse…


“So, when my boyfriend died, I didn’t have anywhere to go to. I was moving moving moving, like that.”


Watch her speak in the video below.



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