“Electricity production is too much” Tanzania shuts down five hydroelectric stations to reduce excess power supply

Prime Minister of Tanzania, Kassim Majaliwa, has announced the shutdown of five hydroelectric stations in the country, in order to reduce excess electricity supply in the national grid.


Mr Majaliwa said the main plant alone, which is Mwalimu Nyerere Hydroelectric Station, has already generated enough electricity to power major cities, including the country’s main commercial hub, Dar es Salaam.


The BBC quoted an official of Tanesco, the power company run by the country as saying, “We have turned off all these stations because the demand is low and the electricity production is too much, we have no allocation now.”




Following heavy rains that began earlier in the year, the 2,115MW Julius Nyerere hydropower dam is said to be filled up with water.


The shutdown makes it the first time the country, which suffers chronic power shortages, will be shutting its hydroelectric stations over excess production.


The development comes just two months after the first turbine, with a capacity of 235 MW of a new hydroelectric plant, was switched on, in order to increase the power generation capacity and help reduce months of power rationing.

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