[News] Co-pilot storms out of plane just before takeoff after he and his pilot got into argument in the cockpit

A pilot and his co-pilot got into an argument in the cockpit just before takeoff and the co-pilot stormed off the plane.


In a video shared online, the pilot is seen apologising to his co-pilot as he stands to leave the cockpit but the co-pilot wasn’t having it.


He is then seen using a wrench to open the plane door. As he does, passengers ask if there is a problem, but he tells them there isn’t.


He then storms off the plane.


Soon, his pilot leaves the plane and goes after him. They are then seen having a discussion outside the plane before both returning to the plane.


After they return, the co-pilot addresses the passenger, apologising for storming off.


He explains that he really needed to go to the bathroom and his captain wouldn’t let him go so he insisted on going, hence the argument. He then tells passengers that everything is fine and he wants them to feel safe.


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