[News] ”Each time I remember what the lady did to me, I feel embarrassed”- Youth Corper assaulted by female soldier in Calabar speaks, returns to Lagos

Ifeyinwa Ezeiruaku, the youth corper who was assaulted by a female soldier in Calabar, Cross River state has been relocated to Lagos state. She left Calabar for Lagos state on Friday night September 24.


Nigerians were enraged earlier this week after a viral video showed a female soldier, Lt. Chika Anele, dehumanizing Ifeyinwa. According to reports, she resorted to humiliating Ifeyinwa because she dared to argue with her. In the video, Anele was seen using a bowl to scoop dirty water from a bucket and poured its content on the corps member who was on her knees. She was also seen using the back of the bowl to hit the corper’s head.


The Nigerian Army has since condemned Anele’s action, stating that she will be tried for her unprofessional conduct.


Ifeyinwa was redeployed to Lagos last night, and while being interviewed at the airport, she said she was not humiliated or silenced by the other military officers. According to her, they empathised with her and condemned their colleagues’ action. She said the whole incident left her embarrassed and humiliated.


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