[News] Famous Mexican TV host on the run after allegedly embezzling $146 million from the government’

A famous Mexican TV host best know for proposing to Tom Brady is on the run with her husband after allegedly embezzling $146million from the country’s Ministry of the Interior.


An arrest warrant for Inés Gómez Mont, 38, and her lawyer husband Victor Manuel Álvarez Puga, was issued by a federal judge on September 10.  But the couple managed to flee from Mexico before being taken into custody. Their whereabouts remain unknown, but they are suspected of hiding out in the US, according to Fox.


Famous Mexican TV host on the run after allegedly embezzling $146 million from the government


The Mexican Attorney General’s office is requesting Interpol, the International Criminal Police Organization, to issue an international arrest warrant – known as a red notice – to expand the search and help the country locate the couple.


Before fleeing Mexico for the US with her husband, she told fans on Instagram that they are ‘preparing to face this process and exercise all our rights.’


The TV host, who works for Azteca’s Los 25+ and Ventaneando, also claimed the couple were unaware of the arrest warrant.


The couple faces charges of money laundering, operations with resources of illicit origin, and embezzlement, according to Yahoo.


They face a 20 to 60-year sentence if convicted, according to People magazine.


The couple allegedly laundered money through 1,500 banking operations. The money was diverted from the Ministry of the Interior to companies linked to Álvarez Puga.


The company linked to Gómez Mont and Álvarez Puga is consider a ‘phantom’ business by the Ministry of Finance, meaning the company issues tax receipts for goods and services that were not actually carried out, according to Animal Político.


The Ministry of the Interior issued 2.9million pesos ($146million) to the business and seven other front companies. The money was dispersed throughout and ended up in the accounts of Gómez Mont and Álvarez Puga, according to a federal investigation.


The couple fled to an unknown location with their children, but are expected to face arrest when they return to Mexico, according to Vice.


The TV personality is best known for proposing to quarterback Tom Brady, while wearing a wedding dress, at the 2008 Super Bowl where she was reporting.


Famous Mexican TV host on the run after allegedly embezzling $146 million from the government


When Brady called on her during a press conference, she said: ‘I in love with you. Marry me, please.’


Brady responded by telling her she had a beautiful name before telling her he was a ‘one-woman man.’  He also told her she was ‘beautiful’ and ‘anyone with the opportunity to marry you would be a lucky man.’

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