[News] “I wouldn’t have a problem raising another man’s child” Man says he loves his wife sleeping with other men and won’t mind her getting pregnant for them

A 51-year-old American man has admitted that he fantasises about his wife sleeping with other men and has even considered her having a child with them.


While being interviewed on the Strictly Anonymous podcast, Joe explained that he had adopted the cuckolding “lifestyle” in the past with his first wife, and now fantasises about trying it in his second marriage.


With two children already and having had a vasectomy, he explained he would be happy for his wife, aged 28, to fall pregnant by another man.


He explained during the interview: “I’ve gone through the scenario in my head already.


“I wouldn’t have a problem raising another man’s child, and loving another man’s child with my wife.


“This would be the ideal scenario: she hooks up with some guy, it ends up being a long-term relationship, she gets pregnant by him and now we introduce Uncle Jimmy here.


“In all honesty, they can keep the long-term relationship because in terms of biology, I also want to make sure I understand what’s in my kid’s blood.”


Joe said this meant he’d even be content for his wife’s lover to remain within the family dynamic after the child is born.


“So you know what, keep Uncle Jimmy around, and my wife can keep s****ing him”, he added.


“Because it’s part of the fantasy and also part of the necessity side of things.”


Joe compared his choice to the option of using a sperm donor but the host, Kathy, wasn’t satisfied as she raised concerns about the impact on the child’s life.


She said: “But it’s the intention. The intention was that it’s a turn-on, it’s all done out of a kink, it’s not done out of a thoughtfulness to the child or a necessity.”

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